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MUDr. Ivo Okáč

Patients have been treated at Dr. Ivo Okáč´s Orthopedic Surgery since 2000. The surgery is located at the Medical Centre at 29 Olomoucká Street, Brno – Černovice. It is easily accessible both by the city transport and by car. There is a place for parking outside the centre.

The Orthopedic Surgery treats all the age groups and provides
ultrasound examination of locomotive organs and also preventive examination of neonatal hips.



The Orthopedic Surgery treats all the age groups and provides ultrasound examination of locomotive organs and also preventive examination of neonatal hips.

Injured patiens should go to Úrazová nemocnice (Trauma Hospital), Ponávka 6, Brno or the Clinic of Traumatology at the University Hospital Brno, Jihlavská 20, Brno – Bohunice.


Type of services provided in the facility:
full spectrum of outpatient orthopedics, clinical and ultrasound examination, podometrie. Therapeutic injections, puncture evekuační large joints.  Immobilization and treatment of scoliosis, providing ortheses. Administrative activities within the framework of complex patients in collaboration with general practitioners. Barrier-free facilities were evaluated locally Brno City Hall as satisfactory.

Services outside our facilities, we use:

Examination methods: X-ray (CT and MRI) examination and densitometry (osteoporosis detection) tests on the device do not have to ship these tests to other devices, most commonly on the X-ray clinic Vineyard, resp. other special methods of investigation.

Treatment methods: rehabilitation and physical therapy, virtually anywhere with the predominance polikách Vineyard and Kuklensko and Rehabilitation Department. Psychiatric hospitals Chernivtsi.

All about examinations


Patients can come for examination after telephone or personal arrangement, except for emergency cases.

What you should bring to your first or new examination:

  • ddocuments of your previous examination and treatment (operations)
  • treatment aids – brace, immobilizer (even if privately purchased), corset
  • X-rays or any other photo documentation

And then just a good mood and sometimes patience, because all temporal ordering, unfortunately, can not always strictly observed.

Payment for treatment

The payment for treatment follows the rules of health insurance companies, treatment and intervations are without an additional charge.

The surgery has signed contracts with
the following insurance companies

  • Všeobecná ZP (111)
  • Vojenská ZP (201)
  • Oborová ZP (207)
  • ZP Ministerstva vnitra ČR (211)
  • Česká průmyslová ZP (205)
  • Revírní bratrská pokladna, ZP (213)

Patients without health insurance will be examined and treated too but they will have to pay themselves.

The prices are based on the tariff of insurance companies.


About Us

MUDr. Ivo Okáč, the owner of the surgery, offers complex outpatient examination, children orthopedics, preventive examination of neonatal hips and ultrasound examination.

MUDr. Luděk Ryba, PhD.,  clinical orthopedist, surgeon focusing mainly on spine surgery, joint replacements and operative arthroscopy. In the surgery, he also provides comprehensive outpatient care as part of an occasional crowd, in addition to treating individual clients. His home workplace is the Orthopedic Clinic of the Brno Faculty Hospital.

MUDr. Ondrej Václav - doctor of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Brno General Hospital, with a particular focus on pediatric and adolescent orthopedics and sports traumatology, at our outpatient clinic mainly provides screening for developmental hip dysplasia in newborns. Outpatient days are outside normal office hours, usually on Wednesday afternoons. He also communicates in English.

Všichni lékaři jsou nositelé licencí ČLK a diplomů celoživotního vzdělávání ČLK.


Olomoucká 648/29
618 00 Černovice

+420 548 210 215

+420 602 537 358